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Almost everybody that has ever played any card game could tell you how to play five card draw. The internet market for video poker ehich is based on 5 card draw has exploded in recent years, mostly because the game is one of the most simple, and it is very quick. And now you can even play free online video poker online and win real money.

Popularity of Video Poker Online and in Vegas

Even though video poker is not the most popular casino game outside USA, in Vegas and online it is extremely well-liked. Many of the bars that are found in Vegas, and the surrounding areas have inbuilt video poker machines into the bar. This means that anybody (over the age of consent) can easily play a game while getting a drink. Furthermore, as video poker is so easy to learn that there are millions of casual gamers that enjoy playing it.

The other reason why video poker is popular is because unlike other machine based games that are all based on luck, video poker has an element of skill. This gives the player more control over what happens, and this is one of the main reasons why Texas Hold’em is all the rage at the moment.

One of the main reasons why free video poker games online are so popular, because people are trying to learn them before testing their strategies on the real money tables.

Types of Video Poker Available Online

One thing you will quickly realise is that there are lots of different types of video poker games available on the internet. Here is a small rundown on the most common video poker games:

Jacks or Better this is a five card draw game that pays out the lowest amount for a pair of jacks or higher. Payments are made in increasing value for a pair of jacks (or a better pair) through to a royal flush. This game is also available in a tens or better variation.

Deuces Wild the same five card draw format as jacks or better but instead, all the two’s in the deck are wild. Joker poker or any format that includes a joker as a wild card is also played in the same way.

Double Bonus this format is the same as jacks or better but with an additional payout for getting four aces. The great thing about this game is if you can find a game offering 10 x payout on the full house and 7 x payments on the flush (and they do exist online), then by rights (if you play the perfect strategy) the winning percentage is actually 100.2.

Pick'em Poker one of the lesser-known variations is Pick’em poker. If you can find this variation and learn the game, then you should play this format because the full pay variation of this game is not too hard to learn yet you can get a return percentage of 99.9531% to 100%. This is game with the highest payout available online.

These are just dozens of different types of video poker formats that can be found on the internet.

Play Video Poker Online for Free

Video poker can be played on almost every online casino for free or real money. This is a benefit because you should make sure you understand everything about the game before moving on to the money tables.

Some of you may know that the games like craps and other ‘low house edge’ games are not usually part of the no deposit or deposit bonuses. However, in the majority of cases, even though the odds against the player are minimal the majority of casinos offer their bonuses attached to video poker. The one stipulation is that the wagering requirements are usually higher than other formats.


If you enjoy video poker, or think you may enjoy video poker, then you should really be looking into playing Pick’em or the right format of Double Bonus because they both give you the best chance to end up a winner. There are some great strategies out there, but every game has a different strategy and the only way you can practice them is to play video poker online for free. On our site, you will find all the places offering the games for no charge and all the best bonuses that can be found as well.

Video Poker No Deposit

There is wagering requirement associated with each no deposit free online video poker bonus.

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