Free Craps Online

Craps is undoubtedly a thrilling game that is becoming more and more popular not just in USA but also in the rest of the world. Even though it is by no means the most played casino game outside USA it is enjoyable and as the house edge is very low there are still millions that play the game for good reasons.

Playing Craps Online For Free

One of the reasons why craps is not as popular as roulette or blackjack is because it seems to be much harder to understand, which means that it loses the casual gamer market that opt for blackjack or roulette. However, with free craps online and just a basic strategy the house odds are much better than roulette or slots. Practicing craps for free online gives you the chance to learn what works for you in terms of a strategy before you take your new-found game plan to the real money tables. And while playing free craps online you will find out that the rules of craps are not complicated at all.

The Advantage of Playing Craps Online

In addition to the excitement on offer from the game, there are more reasons why those casual gamers should play craps online for free or for real money. Craps is the only ‘common’ casino game that gives the house no edge with some of the available bets. With roulette, regardless of how you bet, the house always has the edge because they pay 36 to 1 even though there are at least 37 numbers in the majority of variations.

The basic craps strategy is very easy to learn and is very effective in decreasing odds. Of course you need to understand everything there is to know about craps, like what is pass line or don't pass bet and odds bet \9the bet with zero house edge). This makes playing craps online for free or for money not only really fun but an investment of your time if you intend to play online for money.

Using No Deposit Bonuses with Craps

Using online no deposit and deposit bonuses with casinos is commonplace now because both give you the best chance to take advantage of funds that the casinos are offering as a way to get you to play. With this in mind, it is important to be 100% sure that you can use these bonuses when playing craps. On this site, we detail how you can use your bonuses because some casinos are not willing to offer no deposit or deposit bonuses on a game with such a low house edge. One of the ways around this is to use your bonus on another game and use your ‘real’ funds on the craps tables. But you must be careful as many casinos do not allow wagering at craps tables at all and will void any winnings.


The free online craps game is a bit ‘behind’ some of the other more popular table games, but that does not mean to say there will not be a progression shortly. It is expected that live craps will be available soon. As there are only a few casinos that offer good craps bonuses it is important you use this site to find the ones that you can use. On this site, we ensure that we have up to date information to make sure you can always take advantage of the online bonuses.

Best Craps No Deposit

There is the wagering requirement associated with the no deposit free craps online bonus.

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